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We are a technology firm that develops and delivers supply chain automation solutions in East Africa. We focus on end to end transformation of supply chains for meaningful impact.
The value we bring to our customers is in providing efficiency, visibility and transparency along the supply value chain. Having a positive impact on business growth by enabling our clients to drive decision making and build on sales volumes and market share.
Virtual City has brought forth a paradigm shift in the way supply chain is managed through modernization and we are honoured to have been recognized for this over the years through various awards and partnerships both local and international.
Manufacturers & Distributors are looking for a seamless solution that automates all sales orders, inventory and payments from the warehouse to the retailer to end-consumer and manages productivity of all field force personnel and assets.
That's where our products come in.


Optimize your sales, stock, field force in real-time.


Mange your stock, track your progress using analytics from this app.


Track the delivery of your supplies and its distribution process.


Track the true value of your produce by keeping sight of your farm assets.


Creates an opportunity to determine, measure and track the true value payable to a farmer and aggregation center.


For FMCG companies that automates all sales , orders, inventory and payment transactions at the point of sale.


For streamlining merchant operations. It seeks to simplify inventory management and record-keeping activities.

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We use user friendly mobile tools to create efficiencies and eliminate fraud.


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